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Tremec T-5 5 Speed Transmission

One of the most common 5 speed OEM transmissions is the Borg Warner T-5 transmission. Tremec bought the rights to the T-5 transmission from Borg Warner. The Tremec T-5 is a light duty transmission that works well for normal driving and occassional hard driving. Dropping the clutch at every other light is a bad idea! The Tremec T-5 has been installed in 80’s era Mustangs. SUV’s and S10’s.

    Tremec T-5 Features:
  • Center Distance - 77 mm
  • Overdrive in fifth gear provides extended ratio coverage
  • Aluminum die cast housings for reduced weight
  • Tapered roller bearings on main and countershafts reduce noise and
  • improve durability
  • Needle bearing under 1st through 4th gears improve high speed performance and reduce shift effort
  • Advanced synchronizer technology
    • Powdered steel core blocker rings
    • Engineered friction materials for improved durability
    • Double cone design for lower shift effort
    • Patented strut-type design for improved durability
  • Sliding idler reverse for simple, reliable design
  • Internal, single-rail shift system
  • Reverse brake option allows immediate shift into reverse without clashing
  • Multiple shift lever locations
  • Adaptable to 4-wheel drive applications


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