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Tremec T45 - 5 Speed Transmissions

The Tremec T-45 5 speed is still available as an aftermarket replacement transmission. The T-45 was first engineered as an OEM transmission for the Mustang between 1996 and 1999, as it could stand up fairly well to the torque of the Mustang. It was also used in light duty trucks such as sport utilities. If you are looking for a high performance transmission to back up a high torque engine, the Tremec T-45 is not your best choice. Tremec offers the TKO line of transmissions for higher torque applications.

  • Center Distance - 81.5 mm
  • Overdrive in fifth gear provides extended ratio coverage
  • Aluminum die cast housings for reduced weight
  • Tapered roller bearings on main and countershafts reduce noise and improve durability
  • Needle bearing under 1st through 4th gears improve high speed performance and reduce shift effort
  • Advanced synchronizer technology
  • Powdered steel formed blocker rings
  • Engineered friction material for improved durability
  • Double cone synchronizer design for lower shift effort in first and second speed gears
  • Patented strut-type synchronizer design for improved durability
  • Constant mesh, double disconnect reverse
  • Internal, single rail shift system
  • Integral clutch housing with front cover end-loading design for increased driveline bending strength
  • Multiple shift lever locations


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