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Tremec T56 6 speed transmissions

Tremec T56 6 speed transmissions are the premiere 6 speed transmissions in the world. T56 transmissions have been used in the Dodge Viper, Chevy Corvette Z06 and Cobra Mustang. The T56 6 speed was chosen by all 3 of these manufacturers because of their durability, smooth shifting and quiet operation. After all, you would probably prefer to hear your engine rev, rather than a transmission squeal! Tremec T56 transmissions are available to take major torque from 330 lb.-ft. up to 550 lb.-ft. The T56 is the perfect transmission for those of you who want to row 6 gears or race in the turns.

    Tremec T56 Features:
  • Center Distance - 85 mm
  • Double overdrive provides extended ratio coverage and allows for closer ratio steps
  • Aluminum die cast housings for reduced weight
  • Tapered roller bearings on main and countershafts reduce noise and improve durability
  • Needle bearing under all speed gears improve high speed performance and reduce shift effort
  • Advanced synchronizer technology
    • Powdered steel core blocker rings
    • Engineered friction materials for improved durability
    • Multiple cone synchronizer design for lower shift effort and increased capacity
    • Patented strut-type synchronizer design for improved durability
  • Constant mesh synchronized reverse
  • Internal, single-rail shift system
  • Integral clutch adaptor with front cover end-loading design for increased driveline bending strength and greater application adaptability
  • Multiple shift lever locations


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